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Tselot Aklilu

Institution: Scripps College THE LEGACIES OF MAROON RESISTANCE: BLACK FUGITIVITY AS A PERFORMANCE OF FREEDOM My research investigates how maroons, enslaved Africans who escaped their plantations and established independent communities, have identified flight as an important avenue through which Black folks can move from bondage to liberation. I draw from the works of Saidiya Hartman,…

Benton Museum of Art: Black Artist Exhibition

Institution: Pomona College PERFORMANCE: NIC Kay: pushit!! [an exercise in getting well soon] Drone footage With pushit!! [an exercise in getting well soon], performance artist NIC Kay investigates the possibility of wellness for Black bodies in a system that is not built for Black people to be truly well. The saying “Get well soon!” is a cultural…

Brian Bishop

with Honzo Smilek Institution: Pomona College DIGITAL INTERCONNECTIONS Video performance Last year, Feb 2020, I curated the Black Intersections Conference gallery in collaboration with OBSA. The event was amazing and we created a video and website so the gallery could live on. Where the conference is a setting for discussions on the African Diaspora, the…

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